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Stock Market NEWS, Tips and Analysis by Anirudh Sethi.
I have been following his website for quite some time, and i see him doing a very good Job at it. But, how you interpret and how much of it you accept and how you trade is All about YOU. What you read about what Other’s say, is Just Other’s Opinions.
At the end of the Day, Its Your Actions, Its Your Money.

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DISCLAIMER: This is FEED Aggregation, getting information from another website that does NOT Belong to me. The content is solely owned by the remote website and i hold no control over it. If you don’t like what you see, go some place else.

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    • GOLD SPOT-Watch Trendlines & Watch $ 1200-1185 levels November 27, 2014
      Above is GOLD SPOT CHART Above $ 1200 level……………….Target :1223-1231 is possible. Now Short Term Support at $ 1184.Break & Trades below will take to 1170–1165 101% More Details to our MCX Subscribers ,Updated at 12:44/27th Nov/Baroda/India No tags for this post.
    • Nikkei closes down 0.78% at 17,248.50 ( -135.08 points ) November 27, 2014
      -135.08 open 17310.49 high 17346.85 low 17212.48 USDJPY 117.33 No tags for this post.
    • 13 Days Patience ,Tata Communication -Triangle Target was 460+.Look From 438 To 461.40 November 27, 2014
      Target for TATA COMM Intact 460+…………..best teleccom stock still virgin.Yes we are Buying IGL….Watch price at 3:30 today — Anirudh Sethi (@anirudhsethi71) November 11, 2014   Patience & Trust + power of chart………….Nothing else  No tags for this post.
    • This Country Will Be The Next Zimbabwe November 27, 2014
      Fantasy World Meanwhile, as Chris pointed out yesterday, in politics and economics we live in a fantasy world. The feds claim to improve our economy. We pretend to believe it. Did a central bank ever add one single centime, one peseta, one zloty or one fraction of a mill to the world’s wealth? Not that we are aware of. […]
    • 19 US Shale Areas That Are Suddenly Endangered, “The Shale Revolution Doesn’t Work At $80″ November 27, 2014
      Despite the constant blather that lower oil prices are “unequivocally good” for America, we suspect companies working and people living these 19 Shale regions will have a different perspective…  Drilling for oil in 19 shale regions loses money at $75 a barrel, according to calculations by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Those areas pumped about 413,000 barrels […]
    • MCX SILVER- Crucial Update November 27, 2014
      There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
    • Now Trade in Butter ,New Zealand launches butter futures contracts November 27, 2014
      A new way of spreading risk has emerged. New Zealand’s stock exchange operator announced on Thursday it will launch a global butter futures contract next month. From the announcement: Butter futures are a global risk management tool for participants operating in the dairy commodities industry. The contracts will trade off the underlying price for unsalted […]
    • Reliance Capital-From 502 To 519 in Hrs….Patience Pays. November 27, 2014
      Manipulative stock :http://t.co/gOP0ABqyyn…Now at 502.Above 502 we see 513————-517 level..Stoploss 497 — Anirudh Sethi (@anirudhsethi71) November 26, 2014 No tags for this post.
    • Mint Money 24 x 7 x 366 Days.Crude Crashed ,Natural Gas-Blasted.Copper-Nickel…Falling Slowly November 27, 2014
      CRUDE MCX : Yesterday Recommended to Sell @ 4718 level ………………….Today Crashed to kiss low of 4554 level. Natural Gas :Recommended to Buy @ 266 & Forget……………Just see ,Today it kissed  280.90 level. Copper ,Nickel :Both Falling………………..Recommended yesterday Night to sell ! What else u want in life ?Technically Yours/ASR TEAM/BARODA No tags for this […]
    • Guesstimates on 27th November ’2014.We Love Asian Paints ,M&M-Jump of Rs.55 ?Target 1300+ November 27, 2014
      Optimism means expecting the best, but confidence means knowing how you will handle the worst. Never make a move if you are merely optimistic. Optimism can be a speculator’s enemy. It feels good and is dangerous for that reason. It produces a clouding of judgment. It can lead you into a venture with no exits. […]

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