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Stock Market NEWS, Tips and Analysis by Anirudh Sethi.
I have been following his website for quite some time, and i see him doing a very good Job at it. But, how you interpret and how much of it you accept and how you trade is All about YOU. What you read about what Other’s say, is Just Other’s Opinions.
At the end of the Day, Its Your Actions, Its Your Money.

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DISCLAIMER: This is FEED Aggregation, getting information from another website that does NOT Belong to me. The content is solely owned by the remote website and i hold no control over it. If you don’t like what you see, go some place else.

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    • Mint Money From All Corners :Nickel MCX-From 590 to 614.50.Look Crude MCX-From 2830 to 2892 November 26, 2015
      NICKEL MCX :Now at 590….Will it zooooooooom to kiss 616—625+ level in next few hrs ?? For timebeing worst is over…let’s seeeeeee — Anirudh Sethi (@anirudhsethi71) November 25, 2015 Now CRUDE MCX at 2830…stop o f2792…closing basis…Buy any qty and see blast upto 2904—2950+ !!! — Anirudh Sethi (@anirudhsethi71) November 25, 2015 0 0 0Read […]
    • Ola Taxi nabs former Infosys CFO November 26, 2015
      Indian taxi-hailing start-up Ola have appointed Rajiv Bansal, the recently-departed chief financial officer of software outsourcer Infosys, as their own CFO, underscoring the rapidly-changing balance of power within the country’s booming technology scene. At one level Mr Bansal’s arrival will help Bangalore-based Ola strengthen its top management as the company ramps up its battle withRead […]
    • Before News is out ,Grab IndiaBullRealEstate ,Now at 61.50….Target 65-66–Upperfreeeze…Yes Before London opens ?? November 26, 2015
      ALERT-ALERT :RDX for Traders ,Buy now 10-50-100-1000 lots of INDIABULLREAL ESTATE…Now at 61.50,Watch BLAST of life pic.twitter.com/6sdiR73aY0 — Anirudh Sethi (@anirudhsethi71) November 26, 2015 0 0 0 0 No tags for this post.
    • Magic of Gravestone Doji-Sell DABUR :Below 274,Sharp PANIC.Sell NTPC…Below 131..Panic upto 124 very soon November 26, 2015
      Once Breaks 274 with volumes Then ? Slide Upto 269 in minutes only & there after more PANIC ………….Not ruled out. On Rise ,Sell it……………..Stop of 280-282 level. Below  1632 level……………..If Stays and not crosses  1648 level……..Then ?? Slide Upto 1596————–1584 level in panic is possible.Sell small lots………….if u can !!! Below 132 level…………..Bears willRead […]
    • Dr.Reddy :EveryBody Negative on Stock…It means in PANIC..Grab it.Below 3345…PANIC.LaxmanRekha at 3451 November 26, 2015
        Dr.Reddy :All Eyes on 3345 level…..Yes if breaks with volumes and stays below for 10-15 minutes will take to 3288–3269 level in panic. — Anirudh Sethi (@anirudhsethi71) November 26, 2015 Dr.Reddy :LaxmanRekha at 3451….Crosssover with volumes and stays above will take to 3524-3548 level. Trade with levels..Nothing else — Anirudh Sethi (@anirudhsethi71) November 26,Read […]
    • Trading Strategy For 26th Nov’2015.NF-All Eyes on 7812 level.Hurdle & Target :7861-7879 November 26, 2015
      One of the big mistakes traders make in low volume/low volatility environments is looking for the next big move, rather than planning for the lack of movement. To accomplish that planning, traders either need to trade short term swings opportunistically (intraday swings) or extend their holding periods to seek larger moves that ride out theRead […]
    • For traders… November 26, 2015
      0 0 0 0 No tags for this post.
    • Discipline For Traders November 26, 2015
      0 0 0 0 No tags for this post.
    • India reports 11 per cent jump in frauds November 26, 2015
      The number of fraud cases in India, has gone up 11 per cent according to the Kroll Global Fraud Report where 80 per cent of the India-based executives who responded to the survey were affected by fraud. Of all the countries surveyed, India had the highest incidence of fraud in four categories — corruption andRead […]
    • HERO MOTOCORP’S PAWAN MUNJAL IS HIGHEST PAID DIRECTOR. Rs 44 Crore Annual Salary November 26, 2015
      Hero MotoCorp’s promoter Pawan Munjal emerged as the highest paid director among the top listed private companies, taking home a pay packet of nearly Rs 44 crore last fiscal, followed by two other executives of the auto group, says a report. The group’s two other promoters – late Brijmohan Lall Munjal and Sunil Kant MunjalRead […]

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    February 20, 2015    

    very good analysis, i have become fan of ur site

    • Ronit Ronit
      October 3, 2015    

      gr8 cheater of india. Sala ek no ka harami hai e Anirudh sethi . Logo ko cheat krke paisa lootta hai e sala harami.

  2. amit amit
    August 24, 2015    

    Redy to be ur paid client. For future n option market. Where should i contact u .

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